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This magnificent complex reflect the splendor of the once mighty empire. It was constructed just after the conquest of Constantinople between the years 1466-1478 by Sultan Mehmed the conqueror as his main residence on the acropolis hill where the houses of Hagia Sophia priests were located. This palace was used both as the formal residence of the sultans and the administrative center of the state until the construction of Dolmabahce Palace. It was opened to the public as a museum at the start of the republic period in 1924. All the fascinating treasure collected by the Ottoman sultans for about 5 centuries began to be exhibited in the Palace.
Opening hours 09.00-17.00.Closed on Tuesdays in winter.

Sultan Abdülmecid who desired to lead a European lifestyle built a seaside palace on Bosphorus. The construction works started in 1856 by using foreign loan. It was called ‘Dolmabahce’ since it was built over tons of earth which was dumped into the sea along the shore. Unfortunately Abdulmecid only lived for five years in this glamorous palace. The Palace was not used for a long time after the death of Abdulmecid in 1861. The first visit of Ataturk,the founder of Turkish Republic, to the Palace was in 1927. All the clocks in the Palace have been set to 09.05 when Ataturk passed away in this Palace on November 10th 1938.
Opening hours 09.00-16.00

Aiming at avoiding bad memories of his elder brother Abdulmecid who lived in Dolmabahce Palace , Abdulaziz commissioned the Armenian architect to build him a brand new luxurious palace . The Palace was completed in 1872. The neo-gothic styled exterior of the Palace’s main building was based on Arabesque and classical-Ottoman style while the most precious stones as white marble and green and claret red porphyry were used in the decoration.
As his brother, Abdulaziz did not live in this palace for very long. It was the squawking of the birds that forced him to leave the Palace and to move to Dolmabahce Palace.
The Palace was used for educational purposes for a while. And then Sultan’s apartments were restored and German firm, Kempinski has undertaken the operation of the Palace as a luxury 6 stars hotel.

The Istavroz Sultan’s Privy Garden, which was a recreational area visited by sultans for hunting and entertainment during the 17th century, was the site of one of the first large waterfront palaces built along the Bosphorus in the first half of the 19th century. This wooden palace was destroyed by fire in 1851. Abdulaziz commissioned Sarkis and Agop Balyan to construct this palace as a summer palace. The baroque palace was opened in 1865.
Opening hours 09.00-23.00.

This palace was built in 1907 by Italian architect Delfo Seminati as the summer pavilion of the Khediv of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha. Designed as a western style villa, this structure is one of Istanbul’s most attractive landmarks and has been operated as a restaurant-café.

Sultan Abdulmecid commissioned Nigogos Balyan to build this palace as a place for resting after hunting parties. It was also used by Abdulaziz (1861-1876) and by MehmedV (1909-1918). I t was restored in 1980’s and has been operated as café since then.
Opening hours 09.30-17.00 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
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