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Originally built by the Genoese in 1348 for fortification purposes, Galata Tower was used as the boarding house to shelter the Christian prisoners of war working at the dockyard in the 16th century. Hazerfen Ahmed Celebi was recognized as the first man to fly after gliding from the top of the Tower across the Bosphorus using homemade wings in 1632.Today, Tower is the favorite venue of photographers, painters and the travelers because of its wonderful panorama of Istanbul. There is a restaurant on the top floor.

Historically speaking, the rocks with the tower on top were first mentioned in 411 BC when the Athenian king wanted to build a customs station after the war between Athens and Sparta. During the Byzantine period, it was used as a customs house as well as a traffic station to prevent unauthorized transit shipping. It served as a lighthouse in the Ottoman period to guide shipping, an assistance base for boats caught in storms, a site for ceremonial cannons as well as a quarantine hospital during the cholera epidemic of the 1830’s. Having overcome fires and earthquakes, the tower has had several repairs.
There are many legends about the tower. The most popular one is the following.
Once upon a time there was very beautiful daughter of an emperor. One day, she was told that she would be bitten by a snake. Then her father had this tower for her as the only way to protect her from the snakes. Alas, snake reached the tower in a grape basket and bit her. The Tower name as Leander’s Tower comes from Leandros who used to swim across the Dardanelle Straits every night to see his lover Hero.

This wooden tower was built for fire watchers within the grounds of the palace of Mehmet the Conqueror. Mahmud II demolished it in order to construct a better one and he ordered a rock filled tower in 1828 to be built by the Ministry of Defense. The tower is 50m. high and it is accessible via wooden staircase.
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