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There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Turkey.
The exchange slips for the conversion of foreign currency into New Turkish Lira should be kept, since you may be required to show these when reconverting your New Turkish Lira back into foreign currency.
Travelers can receive a tax refund for the goods purchased In Turkey.
  • Refunds will be made to travelers who do not reside in Turkey.
  • All goods (including food and drinks) are included in the refunds with the exclusion of services rendered.
  • The minimum amount of purchase that qualifies for refund is 5.0 NTL.
  • Retailers that qualify for tax refund must be "authorized for refund." These retailers must display a permit received from their respective tax office.
  • The retailer will make four copies of the receipt for the refund, three of which will be received by the purchaser. The retailer must sign and stamp the copies to validate them. If it is preferred to have the refund  by check, a Tax-free Shopping Check for the amount to be refunded must be taken along with the receipt.
  • For the purchaser to benefit from this exemption, he must leave the country within three months with the goods purchased and show them to Turkish customs officials along with the appropriate receipts.

There are four ways to receive your refund:

  • If it is a check, it can be cashed at a bank in the customs area at the airport.
  • If it is not possible to cash the check upon departure ,then customer must, within one month, send a copy of the receipt showing that the goods have left the country to the retailer who will, within ten days upon receiving the receipt, send a bank transfer to the purchaser`s bank or address.
  • If the certified receipt and check are brought back to the retailer on a subsequent visit within one-month of the date of customs certification, the refund can be made directly to the purchaser.
  • The authorized retailers may directly refund the amount to trustworthy customers upon purchase
For those who wish to bring domestic animals into the country, the followings are required:
  • Pets have to be 3 months and older
  • An International Certificate of Health issued within 15 days before the travel
  • The Identification Card
  • Vaccination Card
 If you have an official certificate, you may bring one cat, one bird, one dog and 10 aquarium fish into the country.
Travelers who wish to enter the country with their vans, minibuses, automobiles, station wagons, bicycles, motorcycles, motorbikes, sidecars, buses, motor coaches, trailers, caravans or other transport vehicles, will have to provide the following documentations:
  • Passport.
  • International driving license.
  • Car license (document where all details related to the car and the owner`s name are registered). If it is somebody else`s vehicle, a power of attorney should be provided.
  • International green card (Insurance card). The TR sign should be visible.
  • Transit book "Carnet de passage" (for those who want to proceed to the Middle East).
The vehicle can be brought into Turkey for up to 6 Months. The owner should declare the date of departure at the border gate and should absolutely leave the country at the date declared. If for any important reason the departure date changes, it is necessary to apply to;
  • The Turkish Touring and Automobile Club (Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu) 1. Sanayi Sitesi Yani, 4.Levent, Istanbul, Tel (212) 282 81 40(7 lines). Fax (212) 282 80, or to
  • The General Directorate of Customs (Gümrükler Genel Müdürlügü), Ulus Ankara Tel (312) 310 38 80,310 38 18, Fax (312) 31113 46,
 before the end of the period declared.
  • 155 Police
  • 112 Emergency
  • 110 Fire
  • 118 Unknown Numbers
  • 161 PTT Information.
Government Offices
Monday-Friday (8:30-12:30) , (13:30-17:30)
Saturday-Sunday (closed)
Monday-Friday (8:30-12-00) , (13:30-17:00)
Saturday-Sunday (closed)
Monday-Saturday (9:30-13:00) , (14:00-19:00)
Sunday (closed except in Istanbul where the shops in the malls are open between 9.30 and 22.0)
Istanbul Covered market: Monday-Saturday (8:00-19:00)
Sunday (closed)
During summer season, the government offices in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions are closed in the afternoon.
Local time:
GMT+3 hours (April-September) GMT+2 hours (October-March)
220 volts AC/50 Hz. all over Turkey. (Industrial:380 V) Plug: European round/ 2-prong plug.
Although tap water is safe to drink , it is recommended to get advice from the concerned authorities of the places resided.
Weights and Measures:
1 inch = 2.54 centimeters , 1 centimeter = 0.3937 inches
1 yard = 0,9144 meters, 1 meter = 1.0936 yards
1 mile = 1,6093 kilometers, 1 kilometer = 0.6214 miles
1 pound = 0,4536 kilograms, 1 kilogram = 2.2046 pounds
1 acres = 0,4047 Hectares, 1 hectare = 2.471 acre
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