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Turkey on World Heritage List


Turkey has been home to many civilizations beginning from the earliest ages of humanity. Traces of these incomparable civilizations have been spread all around the country. Stressing the importance of opening this huge possession to world people, Turkey has signed the World Heritage Convention in 1983 and 9 locations have been registered on the World heritage List so far. Among these  İstanbul, Safranbolu, Boğazköy-Hattushash, Mt. Nemrut Remains, Xanthos-Lethoon, Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital and Troy have been registered as cultural, while Pamukkale and Göreme-Cappadocia have been registered both as cultural and natural heritages. Ephesus on the other hand has been a candidate to be included in the world heritage list and related evaluation is underway.
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